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Our fundamental idea is to focus. Only as specialists can we offer our customers top performance and survive against global competition. In over 140 years, we have accumulated a very extensive pliers and manufacturing know-how, which can be found in every single pair of KNIPEX pliers.

What we can do and know today is not enough for the future. That is why we work on constant improvement everywhere in the company – in terms of products, processes, our organisation and our skills.


Quality matters

The decisive factor for the function of a pair of pliers is their precision: without accuracy, there is no reliable cutting, gripping or deforming, and no operation without play. Tight tolerances, the compliance of which we ensure with modern manufacturing technology, enable us to meet our strict quality requirements.

We achieve these requirements through strict measurements and various tests – after the individual production steps and at the end of the entire process. We use state-of-the-art measuring technology and long-term testing systems, as well as practical routine testing by hand.

To ensure that our pliers meet your expectations and our high demands, we only use selected steel alloys that have been rolled according to our specifications.


Innovations from the "think tank"

Always better pliers – that is the guiding principle, the implementation of which we devote all our competence and creativity to. We develop new pliers and optimise existing models to make work even more effective and easier.

Our motivation is to always come up with unconventional solutions that set standards: new ways of force transmission, easier and faster usability, combination of various functions in one tool and imaginative problem solvers for special applications. This saves energy and time and you can achieve better work results with less effort.

Our more than 400 machines contain special knowledge built up over generations. We build many of the machines ourselves; purchased ones are adapted by us to our special requirements. In many cases we also program the software for the control and operation of the machines ourselves.


Made in Wuppertal, Germany

We manufacture exclusively in Germany, at the founding location in Wuppertal.

With a vertical range of manufacture of almost 100%, we can control all production steps and directly influence and continuously improve them to the best possible quality.

From the product idea to the delivery of the finished pliers to our customers: we do everything under one roof. Short distances and direct dialogue enable close coordination of all processes and the exchange of all employees involved.

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