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Returning Goods and Guarantee Service

Return Policy

Buyers (consumers) of e-shops www.lemona-electronics.eu have the right to withdraw from the agreement of purchase and sale of the product without giving a reason by notifying the Seller in writing within 14 days from the moment of delivery or collection of the product. The Buyer is responsible for the assembly, packaging and delivery of the goods to the Seller.

The Goods can be returned in the shops of Lemona JSC or sent together with the completed act of returning good, debit invoice or consignment note with the following details on the shipment: LEMONA JSC, S. Raštikio g. 26, Kaunas, LT-50130, Lithuania, telephone +370 (650) 04145. Adresses of the LEMONA electronics shops:

  • P. Lukšio g. 19, Vilnius, LT-09132, Lithuania
  • Vytenio g. 22, Vilnius, LT-03229, Lithuania
  • Savanorių pr. 290, LT-49473, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Baltijos pr. 26B, Klaipėda, LT-93231, Lithuania
  • Gegužių g. 30, Šiauliai, LT-78346, Lithuania
  • Krasta iela 105, Rīga, LV-1019, Latvia

The act of returning goods is available here: Product return form.

When returning the Goods in the shop of Lemona JSC, have a purchase document with you: VAT invoice or purchase receipt.

Upon receipt of the returned Goods and assessment of their condition, the Seller shall return the money paid for the Goods and their delivery costs to the Buyer within 14 days. If only part of the Goods is returned, delivery costs shall not be refundable.

The Goods shall be returned in neat original packaging (with instructions and guarantee card, if delivered with the Goods). The Buyer shall be responsible for the complete set of the returned Goods. If the Goods are not complete, the Seller has the right not to accept the Goods to be returned.

The Buyer’s right to withdraw from the agreement of purchase and sale of goods concluded with the Seller does not apply to: 

  • Agreements for the Goods which are made to the consumer’s specific instructions and which are not manufactured in accordance with the consumer’s personal choice or instruction, as well as for the Goods which are clearly tailored to the consumer’s personal needs.
  • Agreements for perishable or short-lived Goods.
  • Agreements for packaged Goods which were unpacked after delivery and which cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons.
  • Agreements for the Goods which, by their nature, are inherently mixed with other items after delivery.
  • Agreements for packaged videos, audios or software that were unpacked after delivery.
  • Agreements for the delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of Agreements for subscriptions to those publications.

Filing a Complaint about Defective, Substandard or Incomplete Goods

If the delivered Goods do not meet the quality requirements, are defective or incomplete, the Buyer may contact the shops of Lemona JSC or submit a complaint by email [email protected].

When filing a complaint, the Buyer shall provide the following information:

  1. The number of the order for the Goods or the VAT invoice or the purchase receipt.
  2. Image of the Goods, image of the defective area (if it is mechanical damage and possible to make an image).
  3. Image of the packaging of the Goods.
  4. Description the defects, failure or missing parts of the Goods.

When filing a complaint, the Buyer shall indicate the preferred method of resolving the claim:

  1. To replace the defective Goods with a quality product. 
  2. To supplement the incomplete Goods with missing components.
  3. To refund.

Following examination of the claim, the response shall be submitted within 14 days. 

Guarantee Service of the Goods

The quality guarantee provided by the Seller does not limit or limit the Buyer’s (consumer’s) rights which are established by legal acts after purchasing the Goods or service of inappropriate quality.

The main features of the each product sold by the Seller and the guarantee period are indicated in the product description in the e-shop www.lemona-electronics.eu

The guarantee service of the Goods is performed by the Guarantee Service Department of Lemona JSC.

If you find defects in the quality of the purchased Goods, you can contact the guarantee Service Department by email [email protected] and submit a completed guarantee repair cover letter or deliver to the e-shops of Lemona JSC (addresses of e-shops of Lemona JSC are available here), or send it together with the completed Goods guarantee repair cover letter, indicating the following details on the shipment: UAB „LEMONA“, Raštikio g. 26, KAUNAS, LT-50130, Lietuva.

The product guarantee repair report is available here: contact us at [email protected] or please fill in the form Product Guarantee Repair Report

The buyer can contact for guarantee service questions by email: [email protected]

Faults caused by the manufacturer during the guarantee service shall be removed within the following time limits: 7 to 28 calendar days from the delivery of the Goods to the guarantee service. If the part required for guarantee repairs has to be delivered from abroad or the Goods are delivered to the manufacturer, the guarantee service period may be longer than 28 days. In all cases, the aim is to provide guarantee service in the shortest possible time.

Damaged shipment

  • Check the quality of the shipment delivered to the address specified at the time of booking in the presence of a courier. If you notice that it has defects, tell the courier who delivered it.
  • In the delivery document of the consignment, note that the packaging is damaged and fill in the Packaging Damage (Inspection) Report together with the courier.
  • Inspect the Goods inside the packages and, if they are damaged, record the damage in photographs. Photographs shall be required for the return procedure.

If the packaging is not damaged, it is not necessary to inspect the Goods in the presence of the courier. If you accept the shipment and sign the documents, the shipment shall be considered to have been delivered in due order.

Other information

We will be happy to answer all your questions by email [email protected].

Requests or complaints about the Goods or service purchased through our e-shop can be submitted via the electronic consumer dispute resolution platform at http://ec.europa.eu/odr/.

Detailed purchase and sale rules of the e-shop www.lemona-electronics.eu is available here.

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