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"Lemona" JSC is moving its warehouse to a new location

Important message! We are happy to inform you that there is a significant change in LEMONA electronics main warehouse and warranty service department - moving to a new location. This is not only a step forward in our daily activities, but also for the comfort and satisfaction of our customers.

All shipments must be sent to the new address:

  • To central warehouse starting 02.04.2024
  • To warranty service department starting 20.04.2024

How to find us? Starting 02.04.2024 LEMONA electronics main warehouse and warranty service department  (starting 20.04.2024) relocates it‘s address at Gamybos st. 6, Ramučiai, LT-54468 Kaunas district., in the territory of the FEZ (Free Economic Zone)

In the new warehouse premises, choose:
- for receiving goods ramp no. 9
- for picking up goods, ramp no. 10

Advantages of our new warehouse:

  1. Easy to find: „Lemona“ JSC main warehouse relocates to Kaunas Free Economic Zone, address  Gamybos st. 6, Ramučiai, LT-54468, Kaunas district. At the same time, the warranty service department will be located in these premises.
  2. 1.7 times more capacity: The new warehouse is even 864 square meters bigger. This means more space, more products and faster service.
  3. More efficient processes: A larger workspace will allow us to implement new, efficient processes that were impossible before. This means higher productivity and faster fulfillment of your orders.

We welcome you to join this exciting phase of LEMONA electronics journey! Sorry for delay or any other inconvenience during this period.

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