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Whether it's car manufacturing, electricity generation or water management - today's industry can hardly do without electronics and electrical connections. In this internationalized, technologically changing world, the complexity of requirements is increasing rapidly due to the emergence of new markets. New challenges must be overcome, the solutions of which cannot be found in high-tech products alone. Communication is the key, whether it's about power, signals and data, requirements and decisions, or theory and practice. Industrial communication requires connectors. That is exactly what we are aiming for.


Together with our customers, we shape the digital transformation - using intelligent industrial communication and Internet products, solutions and services.

As seasoned experts, we support our customers and partners worldwide with products, solutions and services in industrial power, signal and data environments. We are industry and market experts, so we know tomorrow's technological challenges. We are constantly developing innovative, sustainable and useful solutions to meet their individual needs. Together, we set the standards for industrial connectivity.


Industrial connectivity means more to us than just communication technology and electronics. Our deep knowledge of specific customer applications enables us to offer hands-on consulting expertise and develop solution-oriented product concepts.

Innovative solutions with Klippon® Connect

Exceptional efficiency in planning, installation and operation with Klippon® Connect provides added value at all stages of production.

Be it simple handling for more panel space or time savings during installation: Klippon® Connect can provide a number of benefits for improving your processes. As part of its terminal blocks, Weidmuller offers a wide range of applications.

Your specific requirements determine which product is most suitable. Process support services such as engineering software or custom assembly services are what Weidmuller offers.


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