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Filament PLA multicolor silk Jungle 1.75mm 0.8kg Rosa3D

Product Code: PLA-RAIN-JUN-175-08

Filament PLA multicolor silk Jungle 1.75mm 0.8kg Rosa3D

Product Code: PLA-RAIN-JUN-175-08
Weight1.045 kg.

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Product description

Weight1.045 kg.

PLA Multicolour Silk Jungle is a unique blend of PLA (polylactide)-based materials. Each spool contains several smoothly changing colors that complement each other harmoniously. PLA Multicolour Silk Jungle consists of a colour of luscious green and cheerful Brazilian yellow.

  • decorations (e.g. interior design elements such as lamp shades or vases)
  • toys (e.g. figurines)
  • gadgets (e.g. key rings, pendants)
  • printing personalized gifts.

Rosa3D’s PLA Multicolour Silk Jungle filament allows you to easily prepare 3D prints with unique colours. Each spool contains a multicoloured filament in shades of luscious green and cheerful Brazilian yellow. What’s more, thanks to the use of a unique PLA-based material blend, the PLA Multicolour Silk Jungle filament has a glossy finish, so it reflects light beautifully and adds a visual softness to the prints. One 800g net spool holds nearly 5 full colour cycles.

One colour cycle is only 170g. Depending on the print parameters you choose (print size and fill density), you can include as many colours as you want in your model.

In addition to its unique appearance, the PLA Multicolour Silk series is also characterised by its simplicity in printing. It prints on the same settings as classic PLA (Nozzle temperature approx. 215), does not require a closed chamber or speed reduction, and the interlayer adhesion is excellent. This filament will be an ideal choice to start your 3D printing adventure. The colour transitions seen on the print are dependent on the size of the model and fill density.

ATTENTION! The frequency and order of colour transitions is set for the production run. Therefore, a single spool may start from any point in the process, e.g. one spool may start from yellow and another from green. Differences in shades are permitted.

Recommended printing parameters:
  • extrusion temperature 185-225°C
  • bed temperature: 40-60°C
  • fan: 50-100%
  • print speed: 60-80 mm/s

The filament can be printed on unheated tables. In case of problems with adhesion, we recommend the use of an adhesive.

  • Color: green smoothly changing to yellow
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Weight: 800 g (vacuum packed)
  • Density: 1.24 g/cm3
  • Odor: odorless
  • Heat deformation temperature: 55°C (ASTM E2092)
  • Diameter tolerance:    +/- 0,05
  • Oval tolerance:    +/- 0,05
  • Tensile elongation:    6 %
  • Tensile strength (to break):    53 MPa


Type of filamentPLA
Weight1.045 kg.
Nom. No.PLA-RAIN-JUN-175-08
Weight, g0.8