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How to leave a review for an item in the LEMONA electronics online store? 

Your feedback not only helps other shoppers to make a purchase decision, but also gives us valuable insights to improve our product range. Once you have purchased and tested a product online, you can leave a review by logging into your LEMONA electronics account.

The process of leaving a review in the LEMONA electronics online store

Detailed instructions for LEMONA electronics online store users

1) Logging in to your account: to leave a review, start by logging in to your account on LEMONA electronics store. 

2) Make a purchase: It is only available to leave review for products that have been purchased. Note: information of products reviews is collected from 15-07-2023.

3) Try the product: once you have received the product, please try it out. When you first try the product, evaluate its quality, materials and function.

4) Rate the product: once you have formed an opinion about the product, rate it.

4.1) Log in to your account: 

4.2) Go to "My feedback": 

4.3) Select the product you would like to rate and click "Rate": 

4.4) Leave a review:
1) write a review title; 2) give the product a star rating from 1 to 5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best); 3) write a review for the product; 4) click "Leave a review". 

4.5) Review approval:
if your review complies with the LEMONA electronics online store review rules, your review will be approved and visible on the product page.

Thank you to everyone who leaves feedback, it helps new buyers learn more about the products!

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